Developing Adolescent Girls

Mahila Haat noted that most of the girls in their tender age have to leave their studies to help theirs mother in household chores and field activities. They are not used to being asked or speak about even smallest issues within a group or at assemblies. The teenage girls, especially the girls with no or just a few year of schooling have very limited knowledge regarding society issues, health and hygiene.

Thus Mahila Haat planned to work with such undereducated, dropout adolescent girls who have their future ahead but lack of education, information and skills etc.

The activities designed by Mahila Haat includes:

  • Health and hygiene trainings
  • Legal awareness trainings
  • Formal education
  • Skill development programmes
  • Gender issues
  • Environment-Land, Water and Forest.
  • Panchayati Raj

All these activities with adolescent girls are showing positive results as it notably enhancing the capability and self confidence of the adolescent girls. Some of the adolescent girls are actively taking part with MH in developing their villages.

So far Mahila Haat facilitated 2,000 adolescent girls in four districts and eleven blocks of Uttarakhand.