Mahila Haat (MH) is a National Level Organisation

Mahila Haat (MH) is a national level organisation registered as a society under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 on November 23, 1987. It has also been registered on September 6, 1988, under section 12A (a) of the Income Tax Act.

Empowerment of women, particularly the underprivileged and hardworking women through their economic uplifment and social emancipation, is the mission of MH.

Global and national debates on human rights and human development are focusing on issues of gender equality and women's empowerment, enacting laws and policies that advance women's rights, and are supporting services to improve and protect women health. Despite this welcome change women still suffer from subjugation, marginalisation and disempowerment across the world.


  • Facilitating Grass Root Women Artisans.
  • Developing adolescent girls.
  • Strengthening women in/through panchayats.
  • Natural resource management.
  • Women Literacy.
  • Sponsorships for the education of poor children.
  • Social Economical and Psychological upliftment of Ekal women.


A tremendous increase is visible in the self-confidence of women associated with MH over the years. The activities of Mahila Haat have helped in recognizing women's multi-dimensional role in society. Some of the women producer group members are earning through work at home, while more than 300 women are working through Self Help Groups (SHGs). More than 500 women are directly working for an exporter thereby getting regular employment. Some women's groups are now registered as societies for example a WPG 'Bhagirathi Group' progressed to register as Society by the name 'Academy Samiti', some are working as trainers, some as entrepreneurs.