Natural Resource Management

Women are the backbone of the life of hill and have enormous working power and strength. Natural resources are the main concern and resources of earning of hill women's livelihood. But unwise use of natural resources and deforestation has resulted in degradation of natural resources (forest, land and water) and as result of this degradation women are facing the life of drudgery. Degradation and lack of enough livelihood opportunities has also resulted in migration of able bodied man to cities, this made the life of women more tough and cumbersome. They are alone responsible for the agriculture and household works. Observing these burdensome situations of hill women Mahila Haat intensified its effort for the conservation of environment (forest, land and water). It has initiated many developments activities in this regard, which includes.

  • PRA training on NR Planning.
  • Anti plastic movement.
  • Nature guide training and hospitality training programmes.
  • Revival of Naulas and construction techniques of new naulas - traditional source of drinking water.
  • Plantation of broad leave trees.
  • Training and exposure visits in Agriculture institutions.
  • Awareness programme in villages and schools for environment protection.
  • Development of vegetable gardens
  • Nursery development.
  • Construction of Poly houses.
  • Promotion of fodder grasses.
  • Construction of vermi compost pits.
  • Disaster management.

Prizes by our farmer friend-Mr Godhan received "Prayavaran Krisak Mitra"prize in June 2014. He is one of the members of our producer group. Previously he also received cash prize of Rs 10,000 on 5th July 2012 from Udyan Vibhag, Almora and on 21st June 2013 again he received a cash prize of Rs 10,000 for best agriculture practice from Mr Aksat Gupta (District Magistrate of Almora) under the scheme "Support to state extension programme for extension of reforms yojna" by Agriculture technology management agency of the State of Uttarakhand.

Mahila Haat promoted Mr Godhan Singh by linking them with various agricultural departments for technical training programmes in agricultural practices during our programme he got the prizes from Udyan Vibhag, Almora and under scheme "Support to state extension programme for extension of reforms yojna".

So far MH did NRM programme in 5 blocks of Uttarakhand. These activities have resulted in entrepreneurship development. Many women farmer are directly selling their produce in local markets and some to marketers and are earning good income