Women Literacy

MH realizes that illiteracy hinders the development of women. It was seen that our women producer groups were facing problems in costing, profit analysis, banking, paper works etc due to illiteracy. It was also realized by the members of women groups that inspite of several opportunities like in Panchayats, ASHA schemes etc, illiteracy creates problems in their effective functioning, restricting possibilities for the future. Therefore Mahila Haat opened 35 literacy centers for imparting formal as well as functional literacy to women of Almora District. 641 women are associated with our literacy project and indirectly 1200 women member were strengthened in sagathans through literacy programme through workshops, meetings, samelan (seminar) etc.

] As a result of literacy programme women gained mobility in schools (checking children performance and school management), panchayats and hospitals and as a result of increased mobility in these places participation of these women in schools, panchayats and hospitals has also increased .Rise in the self confidence is easily visible in some women. Some of them are boldly going to banks, post offices, schools, grocery shops, bus stops and other public places and are using their calculation skills and words skills to see the price, to fill up the different forms etc.